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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I keep hot bowls on granite countertops?

You can keep hot bowls on granite countertops as they are resistant.


Can granite develop scratches?

Granite is harder than steel. But unless you mind your kitchen knife becoming dull, there is no reason to worry about scratches.


Is it ok to install granite slabs for outdoor kitchen?

Only few granites change their color due to sun rays. Discuss with us regarding which one suits for your outdoor needs.


Should I check the slabs before they are fabricated?

Yes. It is good to check slabs prior to fabrication to avoid disappointments. You can verify the slabs at wholesalers shop before approving them for cutting.


Can granite slab be too heavy for cabinetry?

3cm granite can weigh around 19 lbs/Sq. ft, which is easily supported by the cabinetry. In case of large furniture or cabinetry for heavy usage, consult your installer.


Which is more expensive – granite, solid surface, or quartz?

Granite stone prices can vary based on demand-supply, country-of-origin, and color. Sometimes more than other stones, while sometimes less.


Which one is better for granite sink – drop-in or under-mount?

Both kinds of sink are sanitary and safe. However, finishing work needed for granite sinks can make them cost more. Drop-in sinks are easy to clean and add aesthetic appeal to your countertop.


Can I get a seamless countertop?

Yes. Generally slabs measure 7-10 feet, and thus seams may not appear. And many people would not bother about them as joints are tight and hardly visible. But to rule out any chances of accidental installations consult your fabricator.


My house is under construction, when should I order my stone?

Natural stone can vary in veining and colorations. To avoid extreme variations it is better to order them in one shipment, 3-4 weeks prior to installation.


Will granite countertops get stained?

Most of the granites are porous, except some. Porous granite surfaces can easily catch oil and stains; they need to be protected using sealer at least once in a year.


Why granite?

Granites add beauty to your home or office. Be it bar tops, backsplash, tabletops, islands, vanities, or fire place surrounds, they make everything look sleek and modern. They are durable and a better choice coastwise.


What is Granite?

Granite is an acidic igneous rock formed out of lava in the deeper earth. They form mineral crystals due to slow cooling. You can see those crystals clearly when it is polished.







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